Our statistical reports display a comprehensive view of the market prices every week, month, or quarter, depending on the products. Market analysis offers prospects for future price trends.

Spandex Chain Prices in China (Monthly)

Spandex prices could drop in the coming period for several reasons, which are detailed in our latest report. Our monthly report covers spandex, MDI, and PTMEG prices within the domestic Chinese market, along with weekly margin trends at spandex production facilities. We also provide price offers from prominent spandex manufacturers. For your convenience, you can access daily data from the past 12 months and monthly average prices spanning a ten-year period for downloading purposes.


Polyester Chain Prices in Asia (Weekly)

Crude oil prices have experienced a significant fall in recent weeks, but he full extent of the decline has not yet been transmitted to the prices within the polyester chain. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the prices for essential components within the polyester chain, including paraxylene (PX), purified terephthalic acid (PTA), monoethylene glycol (MEG), polyester chips, staple fiber, and filament yarn. Additionally, it presents domestic price information for both China and India. All data is readily accessible for download by users.


Cotton Prices on International and Domestic Markets (Weekly)

Cotton prices could continue to decline until the end of the year, as outlined in our comprehensive weekly cotton report, which provides a detailed analysis of the global market, including futures markets in New York and China, as well as local markets in China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Brazil. Historical data is available for download.


Wool Prices In Australia (Weekly)

A sharp rise in the Australian currency resulted in higher wool prices in US dollars this week. Our report provides a comprehensive analysis of wool prices in Australia, encompassing various micron types, and is presented in Australian Dollars (AUD), US Dollars (USD), and Euros (EUR). Additionally, historical data spanning the past decade is readily available for convenient download.


Emerging Currencies: November 2023 (Monthly)

The Euro and the Pound have rebounded sharply against the US dollar in November, resulting in a significant decline of emerging currencies for European importers. Our monthly statistical report displays a comprehensive view of currency values in low-income countries against the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, the Indian Rupee, the Pakistani Rupee, and the Chinese Renminbi over the last five years.



Our pricing coverage includes 32 database pages with more than 300 products being followed every day, week, and month. All data are available for download.

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