Building Content

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive and reliable body of content. Discover our Methodology.

Information Sources

Selecting Reliable Sources

A wide range of sources

– Open Sources: Providing a broad spectrum of reliable data.
– Data Suppliers: Engaged in daily contact with Asian market with collaborations spanning 10 to 15 years.
– Price Panels Compiling price offers from a selection of key suppliers in the textile industry.

Benchmark Indicators

Choosing the Most Relevant Price Data

Over the years, we have curated hundreds of Benchmark Indicators, enabling our subscribers to track the latest market trends effectively.

Building Historical Data

Our selection of product prices is guided by customer requests, enabling us to align with market realities and compile historical data spanning up to 20 years.

Shifting to a Sustainable World

Monitoring Sustainable Markets Systematically

Over the last five years, we have developed a comprehensive view of sustainable markets, including both the fiber and spun yarn sectors.

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