Wool & Acrylic Fiber Prices

Wool prices receive extensive coverage in Australia, while acrylic prices are displayed in China. Wool prices are released by micron type and regional market in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Fremantle. The Eastern Market Indicator (EMI) is also published based on the micron category. Daily and historical data is available in Australian dollars (A$), US dollars (US$), and euros. 

Acrylic and acrylonitrile prices in China are available on a daily and historical basis covering the past 20 years, in yuan and US dollars. Acrylic is compared to acrylonitrile to track gross margin trends in Chinese plants. 

Wool and acrylonitrile prices are compared to other textile fiber prices on a daily and monthly basis, for the past five years. 

The sustainable fiber market is covered by recycled wool and acrylic prices in India.

Wool Prices in Australia

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Wool Market Indicator - EMI

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Wool vs. Acrylic, Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Nylon, Spandex

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