Textile and Clothing Trade Environment

This section covers the economic factors affecting the global textile and clothing markets, including the currency market, minimum wages, inflation rates, and China's production costs.

Our quarterly report displays a comprehensive comparison of minimum wages in emerging countries. Data are available in local currency terms and in US$, with a long-term comparison covering the past 5 years.

Our monthly statistical report displays a comprehensive view of a large number of emerging currencies currencies against the USD, EUR, GBP, INR, PKR, and CNY.

Our monthly report offers a statistical view of production and consumer prices in China, including in the textile and clothing sectors. Purchasing prices are also displayed, covering energy costs, textile materials, and fiber prices. Apparel retail sales are also reported

Our monthly report offers a comparison of inflation rates in emerging countries, with historical data available back to June 2007. The impact of currency changes is calculated to assess real consequences for exports of higher or lower inflation rates.