US Apparel Imports

This section offers a comprehensive and detailed view of US Apparel Imports, including monthly, quarterly, annual, and long-term statistics.

5-year data are available in volume and value terms, with unit prices per origin for most imported product categories.

Statistical Reports (Monthly & Quarterly)

Our report offers a monthly overview of US apparel imports, with a specific focus on imports from China vs. other countries. Import data is presented in volumes, values, and unit values. Historical trends spanning from 2000 to 2023 are also released. The report also offers an analysis of apparel imports differentiated between those made from cotton and man-made fibers.

Our review covers the US apparel imports in the last quarter, from a large number of origins, with percentage changes in volume, value and unit value terms. Data are available for download from Q1 2011.

Our review covers the US imports per quarter and for all categories of products, including cotton, wool, and man-made fiber apparel. Data are available for download from Q1 2011.

Our review compares the US imports from China vs. from the Rest of the World per quarter and for all categories of products. Data are available for download from 2015.

Our review compares unit prices of US apparel imports per quarter, per leading origin, and for most categories of products. Data are available for download.

Price Database (Quarterly Update)

Men/Boys & Women/Girls Cotton Knit Shirts (338 & 339). Men/Boys & Women/Girls Cotton Woven Shirts (340 & 341). Men/Boys & Women/Girls Cotton Trousers (347 & 348). Cotton Underwear (352).

Men/Boys & Women/Girls MMF Knit Shirts (638 & 639). Men/Boys & Women/Girls MMF Woven Shirts (640 & 641). Men/Boys & Women/Girls MMF Trousers (347 & 348). MMF Underwear (652).

Men & Women Cotton T-Shirts, Men/Boys & Women/Girls Cotton Pullovers, Men/Boys & Women/Girls Man-Made Fiber Pullovers, Cotton and Synthetic Socks.

Men & Women Cotton Denim Trousers, Men & Women Cotton Trousers (not denim or corduroy), Men/Boys & Women/Girls Cotton Woven Shirts, Men/Boys & Women/Girls Man-Made Fiber Woven Shirts.

Cotton Terry Towels, Cotton Bed Sheets (printed and non-printed), Man-Made Fiber Bed Sheets.