Linen & Luxury Fiber Prices

We cover the flax/linen fiber prices, and the cashmere, silk, and down prices. Historical data cover up to 15 years. Silk, cocoon, and down prices are daily updated, other prices are extracted from customs data and updated on a monthly basis with a delay.

Cashmere Fiber and Yarn Prices (Quarterly)

Cashmere prices fell in the spring before rebounding this summer. Sustainable cashmere production expanded significantly in the last years. Our report offers an overall picture of short-term and long-term trends in the cashmere market, including China's exports of fibers, with details on volume, value, and unit prices. Additionally, Italy's cashmere imports from China have been displayed. Historical data covering the last two years for China and five years for Italy are available for download.


Silk Prices in China (Quarterly)

Silk prices in China have surged to near-record levels in recent weeks, in tandem with a rebound in demand. Our report offers a comprehensive overview of China's silk market, encompassing a comparison with dried cocoon prices. Additionally, China's silk export prices have been disclosed.


Linen Fiber and Yarn Prices (Quarterly)

Flax fiber prices stabilized over the summer at significantly higher levels than in 2022. We explain why in our report, which offers a comprehensive view of international market prices, including China's flax fiber import prices and linen yarn export prices. China's import and export data in volume and value terms is also available for download. Historical data covers the past 15 years.


Goose and Duck Down Prices in China (Quarterly)

Down fiber prices have remained steady in China recently. Historical data shows that goose and duck down markets have had different trends. This report displays prices for goose and duck down in China using the GB-T14272-2011 standard. Tables and charts are available to help you see the latest trends. You can download 1-year daily data and 15-year historical monthly data.