EmergingTextiles.com is the leading supplier of fiber, yarn, and apparel price data.

The price database is updated every day, week, and month with historical data covering the last 20 years.

The price reports offer an in-depth analysis of every market, including the future price prospects.

We cover the domestic markets in China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey.




All textile fibers are covered: cotton, polyester, viscose, nylon, wool, acrylic, spandex, flax, cashmere, silk, down.

Sustainable fibers are covered, including Organic and BCI cotton, recycled polyester, Modal and Lyocell, recycled wool, recycled cotton, and recycled acrylic.

Most spun yarns are covered in China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, including 100% cotton, Polyester-Cotton, Polyester-Viscose, 100% Polyester, and 100% Viscose.

Sustainable yarn prices are also available, including Organic and BCI cotton yarns, recycled polyester yarns, Modal and Lyocell yarns.

Apparel export data from low-income countries, and US and EU import data are released.

Monthly reports cover inflation rates, currency values, and production costs in China. Minimum wages are updated every quarter.

Our price data are supplied by our team of correspondents in Asia through their interviews in local markets with a large panel of textile plants.  All our data are relevant, reliable, and verified by our team. The result of a 25-year experience of the fiber, textile, and apparel markets.