Full Access vs. Customized Access

Our “Full Access” and “Customized Access” subscriptions provide both full access to our content (Price Reports and Price Database).

Number of Users

Under the Full-Access option, five users may get access. Under Customized Access, 30 users can have access.

Data Dissemination

Our data cannot be disseminated outside your company in any case. With the Full-Access Subscription, data can only be shared within the 5-user team. They cannot be transmitted to anyone within or outside this ensemble of subscribers.

Under the Customized-Access Subscription, data can be disseminated within the whole company, including to collaborators who do not have access. Data can also be used for feeding a price database.

Customized Datasheet

The Customized Access provides a customized datasheet with all the products followed by the company available in the same table.

The datasheet may be available through a CSV file or our API.

More about the Customized Datasheet.