Fiber Price Comparison offers to compare fiber prices over a daily or monthly basis, with historical data covering the last 5 years.

Most used fibers are covered, including cotton, polyester, viscose, nylon, spandex, wool and acrylic.

In addition to daily and monthly comparison tables, we also release a large number of charts over the past 12 months or the last 5-year period.

Price ratios are also available to help compare fibers on a monthly basis, including with average prices in the current month.



Our monthly cotton vs polyester price comparison offers average monthly prices in China, India and Pakistan, in local curreny and US dollar terms since 2007. Historical data are available for download.

Our tables and charts offer a 12-month price comparison of most used textile fibers, including cotton, polyester, viscose, wool, acrylic and nylon, all being available over a weekly basis through our csv file.


Cotton v. Polyester, viscose, wool, acrylic, spandex and nylon

- In local currency units and US$ terms

- 1-Year and 5-Year comparison indexes

- Daily & 5-Year Historical Data available for download