Cotton Fiber Prices

We provide comprehensive coverage of cotton fiber prices both in the international and domestic markets.

Our weekly cotton reports contain tables, charts, and an in-depth analysis of the latest and future market trends.

Our Cotton Fiber Price Database includes the international market as well as the domestic markets in China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Brazil.

Additionally, organic and BCI cotton fiber prices are also displayed in India and Pakistan, while recycled cotton prices are available in India. All data is downloadable.

Price Reports

Organic and BCI Cotton Prices (Monthly)

Organic and BCI cotton prices in India followed the same downward trend as conventional cotton prices over the last four weeks. However, in Pakistan, they experienced more significant declines. Our monthly new report on organic and BCI cotton prices covers the latest market trends, including the price differences between sustainable and conventional cotton.


Cotton Prices on International and Domestic Markets (Weekly)

Cotton prices declined on domestic markets in Asia in the last week, reflecting the low level in cotton yarn production in the current period. Our comprehensive weekly cotton report offers a thorough analysis of the global market, encompassing futures markets in New York and China, as well as local markets in China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Brazil.


Price Database

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Cotton Price Comparison

New York vs. China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil

Cotton vs. Polyester, Viscose, Nylon, Wool, Acrylic, Spandex

Cotton vs. Polyester & Viscose in China

Cotton vs. Polyester in China, India, and Pakistan