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Apparel Reports

Our apparel reports cover the global clothing market, with Apparel Exports from Asia and US ,EU, and UK Apparel Imports. Trade factors are also covered, including Labor Costs, Currency Markets, Production Costs in China, and Inflation in apparel manufacturing countries.

China Apparel Exports (Quarterly)

China's apparel exports began to stabilize in the first quarter of 2024, partly driven by a significant increase in the volume of knit apparel shipments. Our quarterly report provides a comprehensive overview of China's apparel exports, encompassing volume, value, and unit values for each destination, over the past four years. Reports on knit, woven, and total apparel exports are presented separately. All data are readily accessible for download.
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US Apparel Imports: Origin Comparison (Quarterly)

A general decline in unit prices during the first quarter led to an increase in the volume of US apparel imports, even though their value still decreased. As expected, the results differed significantly across origins and product categories. Our collection of statistical tables offers a thorough comparison of changes in volume, value, and unit price by origin and product category for the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, the report provides a detailed analysis of

E.U. Clothing Imports : Latest Trends (Monthly)

EU's clothing imports from China surged significantly in March, after Chinese unit prices fell dramatically, in line with the current trends observed in many segments of the international market. The report provides monthly data on the EU-27's clothing imports, focusing on China versus the Rest of the World (RoW) and Bangladesh, with a specific distinctions between knitted and woven clothing. The data is available in both Euros and US dollars, and historical information dating

Inflation in Emerging Countries (Monthly)

Inflation slowed down significantly in the past few months in Pakistan while staying elevated in Bangladesh. Our monthly report compares inflation rates in low-cost countries, utilizing historical data dating back to 2010. Furthermore, we assess the impact of currency fluctuations against the US dollar, the euro, and the British pound to gauge the real terms of trade for exporters.
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