Emerging Textiles provides a serious database in the textile industry, built over many years, with daily updates.
Project your business in the future and increase decision quality in China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Covers cotton, polyester, viscose, modal, lyocell, nylon, spandex, linen, wool, acrylic, cashmere, silk, and down.


Covers spun yarn market including cotton yarns, polyester spun, viscose spun, polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, with a large range of yarn counts and both knitting and weaving yarn categories.


Covers clothing exports from low-income countries and US / EU apparel imports.

EmergingTextiles.com releases fiber, yarn, and apparel prices in the international market, and in the domestic markets in China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

All our data are accurate, relevant and verified by our team daily. The result of a 20-year experience of the fiber, textile, and apparel markets.




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Our full-content includes 32 database pages, covering more than 300 products, updated every day.


Our editor-in-chief, Mr. Axel Mangenot, has a long career as an expert of the textile market.

Before becoming a precursor in funding our online activity in 1998, he used to work as a chief-redactor at the French review of textile for 20 years. Our company has now grown as the international leader of online quality data on textile and apparel.

Award winning photographer

Janelle Awkward

About me

When my Grand Dad died 15 years ago, he left me a loft apartment in lower end New York. I moved to live in New York and began restoring the loft apartment.

In some old boxes, I found my Grand Dad's analog camera he had been using for ages. This was some kind of sign I recalled and the rest is history.

Enjoy the show.

If you are only going to one exhibition this year..

Then I urge you to visit the new Janelle Awkward exhibition in lower east side New York. Photographs with layers upon layers of visual information. Total brain meltdown once you start analyzing Janelle Awkward's images. The exhibition here in New York was absolutely stunning and I can 100% recommend it.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

Absolutely stunning...

Janelle Awkward is on of the best photographers in our lifetime. She is able to capture our complex lives with simple motives. The new show at New York Center of Photography contains some of Janelle Awkward's best photos from her early period and up until 2010.

- Jack Hornet, New York Rhymes

My photo awards

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