China Cotton Price Database: Sample Tables

Our China Cotton Price Database  covers the domestic and import cotton prices, including cotton futures in Zhengzhou, and a cotton price comparison between China, India and Pakistan.

Our pdf presentation offers a comprehensive view of our price database.

China Cotton: Domestic Market

  •   China Cotton: Domestic Market (Daily)
  •      Table:      Daily Prices          .csv File    
         Table:      Sample

China Cotton: Import Market

  •   China Cotton: Import Market (Daily)
  •      Table:      Daily Prices         .csv File    
         Table:      Sample

  •   China Cotton: Domestic v. Import Price Comparison (Historical)
  •      Table:      Monthly Prices          .csv File    
         Table:      Sample

China Cotton: Futures Market

  •   China Cotton: Futures Market
  •      Table:      Daily Prices             .csv File
         Table:      Sample    

Cotton Prices in China, India and Pakistan

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