Monthly and Year-to-Date EU Clothing Import Data - Total and Main Origins - Knit Clothing vs Woven Clothing

E.U. Clothing Imports in Jan-May 2013: Main Origins Monthly Report

EU's clothing imports surged in May from a series of origins, like Bangladesh, India, Tunisia, Morocco, and most important... China. Our report covers monthly EU clothing import data from main origins in January-May 2012 and 2013, with monthly and year-to-date changes in volume, value and unit value terms.

EU's clothing imports sharply rebounded in May this year, with a jump of 20% in shipments in volume terms.

China's rebound

This is partly due to surging imports from China, up 26% in May from the same month in 2012.

Chinese shipments had plunged by 16.1% in April after gaining 32% in March.

Beyond such extreme volatility, Chinese shipments to EU's clothing market only rose 2% in volume terms over the first five months of the year

By contrast, imports from Bangladesh climbed by 16% in the meantime, although less strongly in May (+15%) than in April (+21%).

India's booming shipments

Such a slowdown could be due to European reaction after devastating accidents at Bangladeshi clothing plants.

With the Indian rupee in sharp decline, European imports from India surged 40% in volume terms in May after already rising 24.3% in April, from the same months in 2012.

Shipments are eventually up 14.2% over the first five months of the year.

Morocco is also benefiting from a sharp rebound, with shipments gaining no less than 42% in May and 14.2% in first five months.

Imports from Tunisia are also rapidly rising, at the same time.

Vietnam and Turkey out

By contrast, Vietnam and Turkey are more struggling.

Unit value rose in both countries in January-May from same period in last year, while they fell for shipments from other origins.

Knit apparel prices more declined from China, where strong productivity gains are being made, obviously.

Woven clothing prices more fell from Bangladesh, where labor costs are not really rising and workers confronted with further deteriorating conditions.

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Monthly EU Clothing Imports: main origins in January-May 2012-13 (csv file)


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