UK, French and German Retail Sales Data

E.U. Clothing Retail Sales: January 2013 Monthly Report

Clothing retail sales sharply rebounded in January, on the three largest European markets, as a sign that consumer spending remains extremely volatile in difficult times. Our monthly report covers textile and clothing retail sales on the three largest markets in the European Union (Germany, U.K. and France), with historical data available for download.

Retail sales were apparently stronger on the three largest European markets in January, as a sign they could further recover in the first half this year.

First results for February UK sales already indicate a surge to a 3-year high, especially due to higher demand for clothing.

Consumers apparently took advantage of end-of-season promotions while also buying from new product ranges.

In Germany, January retail sales were extremely good with a rise of 2.3% from December, after taking account of seasonal variations.

Sales of textile and clothing at specialised stores were up 1% from the same month in 2012.

In France, a similar jump was reported by official statistical office, with clothing retail sales up 3.23% from previous months, after taking account of seasonal variations and rising 4.68% from January 2012.

Consumer spending actually remains very volatile in Europe, and data may be later revised downwards.

There is no reason to believe that consumer confidence would sharply recover and European market may soon recover, as a consequence.

The EU looks again threatened by economic recession and further rising unemployment already reaching very high levels by historical standards.

Download our comprehensive table (csv file)

Download our comprehensive table (csv file)

Download our comprehensive table (csv file)

Download our comprehensive table (csv file)


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