Nylon filament and chips, caprolactam, benzene and adipic acid

Nylon and Caprolactam Market Prices in China Monthly Report

Nylon 6 prices slightly fell in China, while raw material costs sharply declined. Our monthly report covers latest and historical price trends in nylon (polyamide) 6 prices, also offering a detailed view of the caprolactam (CPL) prices in China. Historical data back to 2006 are available for download.

Nylon (polyamide) prices further fell in past two weeks in China.

Benchmark 70D/24f filament lost 100 yuan per metric ton or 0.37%. Prices were down 1.8% in four weeks.

Nylon prices are actually resisting a more drastic fall in raw material costs of fiber producers, as caprolactam prices are now sliding in Asia.

CPL spot prices lost 950 yuan per metric ton or 5.23% in past four weeks in Asia and were down more than 10% in six months.

If this downward trend in raw material costs is offering higher margins to nylon 6 makers, such a profitable situation could rapidly end.

Caprolactam producers are confronted with excess supply worldwide, as global production and use progressively shift from Europe to Asia, and more precisely to China.

Asia still imports large quantities of caprolactam from Europe, but China is currently adding large capacities in order to be less dependent on foreign suppliers.

As a result, and with the economic growth slowing down, CPL prices are plunging, while raw material costs of caprolactam producers are however surging.

Benzene prices jumped to US$1,426-1,440 per MT FOB Korea and JX Nipon Oil even settled its December contract with customers at US$1,430, up US$145 from November settlement price.

CPL production could rapidly be cut in order to reduce operative loss.

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Download our Historical Data from January 2006 (.csv file)

Download our Historical Data from January 2006 (.csv file)

Download our Historical Data from January 2006 (.csv file)


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