Paraxylene-PX, PTA, MEG - Contract and Spot Prices in Asia

Polyester Intermediate Market Prices - PTA & MEG Weekly Report

Polyester intermediate prices further rose in last seven days, based on lower supply levels, while demand remains heavily depressed from downward customers. Our weekly report covers the polyester chain, including Paraxylene (PX), PTA, MEG, polyester chips, and polyester staple and filament prices. Asian Contract Prices (ACPs) are also available for the PX, PTA and MEG markets in Asia, with 5-year charts and downloadable historical data.

Polyester intermediate prices further recovered in the last week in Asia.

Glycol spot prices were up U$28 per metric ton CIF China or 3.2% while PTA prices only rose US$5 per metric ton or 0.5%.

PTA and MEG prices respectively gained 7.2% and 7.3% in last four weeks.

Paraxylene prices are even more sharply rebounding with a jump of US$68 per MT or 5.2% in last seven days and a surge of 10.5% in last four weeks.

Gross margins of PTA makers are therefore again dropping, probably announcing new production cuts in Asia.

Polyester fiber prices are far from following the same trend as intermediates, which could also result in lower operating rates in coming period.

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