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EU Clothing Imports in 1st Quarter 2012: Origins Statistical Report

China continued losing shares of EU's clothing import market over the first quarter this year, in both volume and value terms. Total shipments continued heavily falling in the meantime, as reflected by our comprehensive review of quarterly and full year shipments in 2011, per origin. A large number of statistical tables are published, with volume, value and unit value changes in euro and US$ terms. The full table is also available for download.

EU's clothing imports continued strongly declining in first quarter this year, with a loss of 12% in volume terms.

Shipments had fallen 13.8% in last quarter of 2011, from the same period a year earlier.

China further lost shares of EU's clothing import market, with Chinese products down 18.7% and 9.3% in volume and value terms, respectively.

China's share fell from 47% down to 43.8% in volume terms while declining from 42.2% down to 40% in euro terms.

Bangadesh was obvious winner of first quarter 2012, with its share being up from 15.6% to 18.2% in volume terms, and rising from 10.6% up to 13.2% in euro terms.

Unit prices of Bangladeshi products more moderately rose in first quarter from a year earlier (+ 9.6% in US$ terms, against +27.8% in full 2011).

Turkish unit values even declined, probably due to a shift of European buyers to lower-quality products.

Cambodia benefited from a surge in shipments to Europe, but from low levels. Shipments from Vietnam decelerated in the meantime.

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