EU Import Prices per HS-2 Digit in Three First Quarters 2009-2010

EU Clothing Import Prices: China Vs. Rest Of World Statistical Report

China's clothing prices more strongly rose in 2010 than prices of other origins in a large number of HS 4-digit categories, according to EU import data. The difference in the price increase was even much larger in the fourth quarter last year. China began therefore losing market shares on EU's import market, benefiting other low-cost countries.

Clothing prices more sharply rose in full 2010 in China than in the Rest of the World (RoW).

According to EU's official data, average unit value of knit clothing imports from China gained 8.5% in the last year, compared with an increase of 6% for RoW.

In the woven clothing categories, Chinese average price rose 6.3%, while RoW's price was up 3.90%.

The price difference between China and its competitors outside the European Union was even larger at the end of the year, not surprisingly.

In the last quarter, knit clothing prices rose 14.7% in China, while gaining 11% in RoW. In woven clothing categories, Chinese prices surged 19.3% from a year earlier, compared with a rise of only 9.2% in other countries.

There were still a few clothing categories where Chinese prices did not more strongly rise than in other countries.

In pullover category HS 6110, for example, a similar increase of 11.8% is being reported.

In the T-shirt category 6109, by contrast, Chinese prices jumped by 14.6%, compared with a rise of 11.7% for other origins.

As a consequence, China began losing market shares in a few categories, at least in volume terms.

In major category 6204 (woven trousers and suits) for instance, China's share fell from 54% down to 52% while RoW's share rose from 46% to 48%.

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