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EU Clothing Imports in 1st Quarter 2010: Markets Statistical Report

Clothing imports from outside the EU recovered in France, Italy and Spain over the first quarter, while declining in Germany and the UK, according to our series of statistical tables covering January-March imports in the last three years.

EU's clothing import markets rose in Italy, Spain and France in the first quarter this year, while being weaker in Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is confirming the general trend observed in the last years.

Stronger French Imports

French clothing imports from outside the European Union for instance rose 6.7% in volume terms, from a year earlier, according to data compiled from Eurostat.

Spanish imports even surged 11.4% over the first quarter.

By contrast, shipments from non-EU countries fell 5.5% in Germany while down 6.7% in the UK.

Imports by Netherlands were up 22.2% when they were falling 33.9% in Belgium.

Falling Greek and Irish Imports

Smaller markets also reported different results with a rise of 50% in Portugal while Irish and Greek imports were obviously affected by the local economic troubles.

From their level three years earlier, Spanish clothing imports finally rose 4% in volume terms while French imports were only down 1%.

German imports fell 15% in the meantime while UK's imports were losing 14%.

Higher Import Price in France, Italy

Italy and France continued importing higher-priced products, compared with German, the UK and more evidently Spain.

Germany's import prices are 10% above average, while French and Italian imports respectively are 29% and 36% above average.

UK's import prices are 2% below average while Spanish import prices are 15% below average.

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