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Our trade environment reports cover emerging currencies, minimum wages in emerging countries, production costs in China, and inflation rates in emerging countries.

Minimum Wages in Apparel Manufacturing Countries

Minimum wages have been increased in low-income countries as of January 1st. However, when factoring in inflation, the minimum wages have shown minimal growth over the past nine years, and in some countries, they have even declined, leading to social unrest, as seen in Bangladesh. Our report presents minimum wages in low-cost apparel manufacturing countries in Asia from 2015 to 2024, both in local currency and US$ terms. Real wages have been calculated, and

Emerging Currencies: December and Full 2023 (Monthly)

European currencies continued their ascent in December, providing apparel exporters in emerging countries with brighter prospects. Our monthly statistical report presents a comprehensive overview of currency values in low-income nations relative to the US dollar, the euro, the British pound, the Indian rupee, the Pakistani rupee, and the Chinese renminbi over the past five years. Read more...

Inflation in Emerging Countries (Monthly)

Inflation remains stubbornly elevated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey which could result in a long-term loss of competitiveness. Our monthly report compares inflation rates in low-cost countries, utilizing historical data dating back to June 2007. Furthermore, we assess the impact of currency fluctuations against the US dollar, the euro, and the British pound to gauge the real terms of trade for exporters. Read more...

China Textile & Clothing Production Costs (Monthly)

China's textile industry generated better results in November, while the apparel industry continued to struggle. Our comprehensive statistical report provides an in-depth analysis of China's production costs and consumer prices, with a specific emphasis on the textile and clothing sectors. We meticulously monitor labor costs in major provinces to offer a comprehensive overview of the economic landscape. Read more...