Single Subscription

A Single Subscription grants 1-Year access to the fiber and yarn sections of our website, with the exception of sustainable fiber and yarns, as well as all apparel content.

Historical data is available for all eligible sections, and related CSV files can be downloaded.

The available content includes Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Nylon, Spandex, Linen, Silk, Cashmere, Daown, Wool, and Acrylic.

Fiber price comparison is also accessible.

Not available are: organic and BCI cotton, Modal and Lyocell, Recycled Cotton, and Recycled Polyester (Re-PSF and Re-POY).

Full List of Conventional Fibers

Yarn sections can be accessed by Single Subscribers, including China Yarns, India Yarns, Pakistan Yarns, Bangladesh Yarns, and Turkey Yarns.

Yarn Price Comparison content is also part of the Single Subscription.

The Sustainable Yarn section is not accessible, including BCI & Organic Cotton Yarns, Recycle Polyester Fiber Yarns, and Madal & Lyocell Yarns.

Full List of Conventional Yarns

Apparel content is also excluded, specifically the apparel reports and the apparel database.

The trade environment is not available, which includes currency reports, inflation reports, minimum wage reports, and China production costs.

Please select the Team Subscription to get access to our full content, including Sustainable Fibers and Yarns, and Apparel Reports.