Monthly EU Clothing Import Data - China vs RoW - Knit Clothing vs Woven Clothing

E.U. Clothing Imports in December and Last 10 years Monthly Report

The EU's clothing import market relapsed in December, although unit prices were eventually stabilized, according to latest official data from Eurostat which were analysed by EmergingTextiles. Our report covers monthly EU clothing import data, with historical trends being analyzed over last 10 years, and a specific focus on China vs Rest of World (RoW) and on knit vs woven clothing.

Average unit prices of European clothing imports continued less strongly rising in December last year.

Compared with the last month of 2011, average unit value of EU's total clothing imports only increased by 0.51% in December.

By contrast, average unit price had surged 14.3% in December 2011, from the same month in 2010 (see below table).

Shipments more fell in December

On the other hand, shipments to the European Union more declined in December, compared with November.

Import volumes were down nearly 10% from December 2011, after falling only 4% in November and 1.9% in October.

In value terms, shipments also dropped by more than 9%, reflecting the new price stability.

China's price moderation

The very moderate price increase is mostly due to a lower rise of Chinese product prices, only up 2.3% in December, from the same month a year earlier.

By contrast, Chinese unit prices were still surging 15.3% in September, before rising 9% in October and 7% in November.

The trend towards the end of China's clothing inflation is therefore confirmed, at least for a while. Chinese prices may however rebound later this year, over a continuous increase of labor costs.

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Monthly EU Clothing Imports since January 2000


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Monthly EU Clothing Import Data - China vs RoW - Knit Clothing vs Woven Clothing (28 Feb 13)
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