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U.S. Apparel Imports in November and Last 10 years New Monthly Report

The new trends of US apparel import market were verified in November, although less significantly than in September-October, with China less obviously recovering. Our new report covers monthly US apparel import data, with historical trends being analyzed over last 10 years, including cotton vs man-made fiber apparel, and China vs Rest of World (RoW).

Latest trends of the US apparel market were again observed in November, according to just released official data, but less significantly than in two preceding months.

Import volumes further rose, but only gaining 1% from the same month in previous year, after a jump of 5.8% in October.

Import values even declined 0.77%, from a rise of 0.42% in October.

Less declining prices

Similarly, average unit price of US apparel imports less strongly declined in November (-1.71% from a year earlier) than in September (-5.8%) and in October (-5.1%).

Long-term trends were however verified, as reflected by our new series of tables below reflecting 12-month average data.

Based on last 12 months, volume and value imports less declined in November than in October.

The rise in unit values was only 1.34% if considering average unit price of 12-month period, compared with the same value a year earlier.

Weaker China

Shipments from China were actually down 1.55% in November from the same month in 2011 while apparel imports rose 2.8% from other origins.

In October by contrast, Chinese imports had surged nearly 7% in volume terms, with other origins up 4.86%.

Average unit price of Chinese shipments less declined (-2.6%) than in October (-6.8%). The same weakness in price reduction was observed for other origins than China (-1.47% in November vs -3.74% in October).

12-month trends confirm that China regains ground in volume terms, if compared with other origins, thanks to a stronger fall of its unit prices.

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